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Today, with the growth of technology and the increase of economic and social activities and the emergence of countless organizations and companies, the use of intelligent management tools will help managers to increase productivity and accelerate activities and ease of affairs.

Many companies have overseas managers who sometimes play management roles in several organizations. Due to their busy schedules and the need to hold multiple online meetings, board members need a solution that allows them to operate as efficiently as possible, in addition to holding their online meetings at any place and time. Infact, they can manage their collection and be aware of everything.

Therefore, intelligent online meeting management software (MMS) allows managers and employees of a group to have complete control over the management of companies and organizations, as well as holding multiple online meetings from places and ways far and near and with different devices use. Be different, from informing and referring matters and preparing before the meeting and conducting online and cloud meetings to distributing and sharing documents just minutes after the online meetings is the best solution ever made for professional users who have always wanted to do a brilliant meeting in a virtual environment .

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Cloud Conference

By using intelligent online meeting management software you can Conduct your online meetings in a safe and easy environment and easily manage and manage your meetings from the farthest corners of the globe .Record online meetings and review themDoing Important actions of the board such as voting, polling, production of reports and others    Facilitate related itemsInform participants in a group and systematic way to attend online meetingsSend invitations, reminders and notificationsProvide the agenda and all relevant information to the participants in advanceEasily upload meeting documents by dragging and droppingUse an easy and visual user interface and learn it easilyResolve issues by voting or by showing a secret hand or voteBy determining the level of access control, access to data and files and meetings   RestrictImprove transparency and accountability- Easily download the documents provided in the meeting and the systemSend the meeting summary via email or text messageWith this software, you can determine the level of participation of managers and efficiently and for decisions of managers and make sure in the meeting room You can reduce the preparation you can save time and costs of  communications .Do an easy search between all contents and categorize and refer important tasks and Track and manage activities.Facilitate participants' questions and agreement on the topic of the meeting and facilitate the preparation of the meeting agenda.Relevant follow-ups can be sent to participants immediately after the meeting so that stakeholders can take appropriate action without delay.Create and determine tasks to execute any decisions made.



MMS software is designed and built with an emphasis on responding to organizational and public service challenges that require data protection, control, and availability.

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:Online meeting management

Advantages of holding online meetings and using MMS smart software : 

Organizations that do not use IT tools to manage online meetings face many problems . 
The meeting agenda is sent late and participants cannot prepare properly. No reminders are sent so that the staff and moderators do not forget the meetings and also the implementation of the decisions made during the meeting is very slow. All this reduces the efficiency of the company while increasing costs. The smart meeting management system offers a modern and convenient way to manage meetings and reduce hassles.



adobe connect
adobe connect


MMS (Intelligent Meeting Management System) software is used by institutions, companies and government organizations and simplifies the meeting process. With this software, supervisors and managers can securely access documents anywhere, anytime, communicate with their organization, hold online meetings, and collaborate. Administrators can also add private or shared notes, assign and track certain actions to themselves or others, and control other devices.

With the intelligent meeting management system, managers can receive the latest documents and new information about the meeting and meetings immediately, wherever they are. This software is designed to meet the needs of senior managers and managers of organizations, institutions and is used to smarten the management of companies and institutions and hold online meetings

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Less effort with better results with intelligent online meeting management software:

 Using useful and practical tools, this system enables its users to increase the quality level of their online meetings, which contributes to better transparency and accountability in an organization.Intelligent online meeting management software is known as a way to paperless meetings, and reduces printing costs and speeds up preparation time and meets sustainability goals. Documents that took a lot of time and money to prepare, print, send and shred are sent to the board of directors with just a few clicks. The software is available on all operating systems - such as iOS, Android, Windows and even the web - and allows administrators to access documents anytime, anywhere.This program is dedicated to processing, managing, storing and accessing information using smart and simple methods. This exceptional solution is a state of art for holding online meetings and document management which allows users to manage and streamline workflows without the knowledge of specific information technology.MMS is a management-driven, task-oriented, secure, compatible and accessible system.


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