Challenges of using LMS System

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The coronavirus (Covid 19) is still not over and a vaccine has not yet been developed to fight the virus. On the other hand, life is going on and I have to deal with it somehow, and perhaps the news of the need to use e-learning in schools has worried many school officials, families and teachers for various reasons. The main concerns may be the presence of Yahweh in cyberspace and the use of inappropriate technologies for e-learning. But in this post, we want to review the most important issues:


The first challenge

Integration of the system

In learning management systems you can fully meet all the needs of your school. Like:

  1. Holding video and virtual classes
  2.  Holding various advanced tests with multiple capabilities
  3. Presenting assignments and delivering assignments on time
  4. Social networks
  5. Upload file types
  6. Feedback system and ..... is.

This means that the biggest challenge for the school and the teacher is the dispersion of the school's educational activities.


The second challenge

Lack of basic IT skills

This learning management system does not require special technical skills and only having basic ICDL skills and working with the Internet is enough to use this system. We also tried to simplify this process in the management department. Students do not need to install special software and everything is done on the web.


The third challenge

 Low internet speed in some areas for online classes

The slow speed of some areas may prevent some students from taking online classes at the moment, but the possibility of recording classes alleviates this concern. Also, despite the forum, the teacher and Shegard can always be in touch.


The fourth challenge

Using video conferencing and messaging systems as educational systems

Lack of familiarity with e-learning technologies and LMS caused schools and educational centers to use video conferencing systems to hold video classes such as BigBlueButton, Whatsapp, Skyroom, etc. to meet educational needs. Now, apart from the fact that the image and sound were not good, the most important forgiveness was that, users had to use several different systems, such as video class of one system, testing with another system, presenting assignments with another system, etc. Installing these systems is very confusing! For these reasons, the best suggestion may be to use LMS software


The fifth challenge

Cultural differences in holding classes physically and virtually

One of the most important challenges was to integrate schools, teachers and parents into the physical and virtual education process. But we have to admit that these two are very different. The culture of education in the virtual education system and the physical education system are very different. For example, teachers must have the necessary tools for distance learning. Parents should also accept this education as a new process of education. 

In this article, we have tried to address the most basic challenges of using the touch system. We hope we have been able to alleviate some of your worries about using this system.



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